15% Ekonol Filled PTFE Tube

15% Ekonol Filled PTFE Tube

15% Ekonol Filled PTFE Tube is a thermally stable aromatic polyester. When blended with PTFE, it produces a composite material with excellent high temperature and wear resistance. We are manufacturer and supplier of Ekonol Filled PTFE.

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Product Description

15% Ekonol Filled PTFE Tube Ekonol aromatic polyester fillers are a key component in extending the life of parts & components made from PTFE compounds. The exceptional properties of Ekonol PTFE fillers provide maximum wear resistance, dimensional stability & corrosion resistance for molded or extruded parts in demanding services.

The highly crystalline Ekonol polymer yields unparalleled thermal stability along with good creep resistance & excellent load-bearing capacity. These features make Ekonol polyester PTFE fillers the ideal filler for PTFE compounds to increase service life of bearings, seals, rotors & related parts.

Whereas glass fillers can be abrasive, Ekonol fillers’ round particle shape will not wear soft metal surfaces. Additionally, Ekonol/PTFE blends resist self-wear better than other PTFE compositions, with good lubricity on molded parts

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