Industries & Applications



The leading consumers of our PTFE products include manufacturers in Industrial (Custom Engineered Parts), Material Handling, Chemical Processing, Construction, Oil and Gas. Electrical and Electronics (Semiconductors), Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Energy and Medical markets.


Applications of PTFE products cross over most industrial sectors where certain technical characteristics of virgin PTFE are improved using our Kaxite brand of Filled PTFE products. Bronze-filled and etched skived tape offer excellent performance in terms of compression and friction strength. Industrial and custom engineered parts applications of PTFE include gaskets, linings, washers, pump interiors, seals, spacers, plain bearings, gears, slide plates, valves, o-rings, etc.


Material Handling (Conveyors) applications include belts, bearings, gaskets, seals, guide rails, etc. for markets such as courier, parcel and postal services, airports, distribution centers and other industries.


Food and beverage /hot zone food processing operations require high temperature PTFE components in the transformation and handling systems that comply with international standards to ensure non-toxicity and the non-release of substances that could be harmful to consumer’s health.


The chemical processing industry is a leading consumer of PTFE. PTFE’s chemical properties, particularly inertness to chemicals and high thermal stability, allows it to be a perfect candidate for components which are used in processing to carry chemicals, acids and other caustic fluids. Applications of PTFE include gaskets, vessel linings, tank linings, washers, pump interiors, pump housings, sealant tapes, filters, seals, spacers, tubes, pipes, bushings, gaskets, bellows, etc. Because of its extreme non-reactivity and high temperature rating, PTFE is often used as the liner in hose assemblies, expansion joints, and in industrial pipe lines, particularly in applications using acids, alkalis, or other chemicals.


In Construction, our dimpled sheets for bridge bearing pads meet AASHTO specifications and are a key component to new and replacement projects. Dimpled sheets offered by our can be made of Virgin or Glass-filled PTFE, and can be etched. Dimpled sheets are primarily used by bridge builders to provide additional wear resistance. Bearing pads can also be found in certain high rise building designs. Because of its extreme non-reactivity and high temperature rating, PTFE is often used in bridge expansion joints.

PTFE's ability to repel water and filter UV rays makes it perfect for protecting surfaces with large exposure to the sun and atmospheric agents.

The control over motion transmission through oil-hydraulics and pneumatic systems is necessary for automation in most industrial sectors and for equipment in the earth movement sector. Specifically, pressurized hydraulic systems whose dynamic components, such as pistons, require especially advanced and reliable elements in PTFE and charged PTFE, capable of withstanding very high pressures and sliding factors.


Offshore platforms and extraction wells including their transportation and storage systems, require extremely high quality, reliable PTFE components. Specific applications found in the Oil and Gas industry include seals, gaskets, vessel linings, pump housings, pipe lines, sealant tapes, filters, release film, bearing pads, pipe housings and pipe supports.


Electrical and electronic applications include wire insulation, cable insulation, insulation terminals, PCB’s, flexible circuits, capacitors, seals, gaskets, o-rings, flanges, semiconductor fabrication and lithium-ion batteries.

PTFE’s extremely high bulk resistivity makes it an ideal material for fabricating long-life electrets, useful devices that are the electrostatic analogues of magnets. In computer applications (e.g. hookup wire, coaxial cables), PTFE boasts excellent dielectric properties. This is especially true at high radio frequencies, making it suitable for use as an insulator in cables and connector assemblies and as a material for printed circuit boards used at microwave frequencies.


A major use of PTFE is for insulation, PCBs and electronic components in aerospace and defense applications requiring high temperature resistance and excellent dielectric properties. We provides products that are primarily used to manufacture seals, gaskets, bushings, o-rings and many other key components for aerospace and defense applications.   Kaxite is specified as the supplier of PTFE Skived Sheets under Boeing specification BMS8-121.  In addition, Kaxite is the supplier of choice for 5% Carbon-filled PTFE Skived Tape under Bombardier specification BAMS 533-001.


PTFE is also gaining acceptance in emerging applications such as photo-voltaic modules and fuel cells. The positive outlook for solar energy is expected to play a key role for PTFE producers and PTFE is also found in battery applications and heat exchangers.


The growing need for improved efficiency and emission control has led to the extensive use of PTFE in the automotive and transportation sector. PTFE being lighter in weight is used to reduce the overall weight of the automobile.


PTFE is used as a film interface patch for sports and medical applications, featuring a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. PTFE is also used for dental fillings, and can be found in cardio stent support products.