15% Carbon Filled Teflon PTFE Tube

15% Carbon Filled Teflon PTFE Tube

15% Carbon Filled Teflon PTFE Tube filled PTFE benefits from improved compressive strength, reduced deformation under heavy loads, and better wear resistance than virgin PTFE. Because carbon is conductive, it is suitable for applications which require higher thermal conductivity than PTFE alone and also becomes static dissipative due to its electrical conductivity. Carbon may be added in the form of powder or fibre. It can be abrasive, but not to the same extent as glass

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Product Description

15% Carbon Filled Teflon PTFE Tube

Style KXT COU98-15 15% Carbon Filled Teflon PTFE Tube

15% carbon powder filled PTFE tube has good chemical resistance to corrosive environments, has better creep & wear resistance compared to pure PTFE materials. These properties are improved with the addition of a carbon fiber powder. This filler improves dimensional stability, to raise the heat deflection temperature, improves creep resistance & the dynamic bearing performance. PTFE Carbon Filled exhibits good initial wear and rubbing or sliding contact characteristics in both dry or water applications. It's frequently used in piston rings to reduce cylinder wall wear by entrapping abrasive outside particles in their relatively soft surface 


• Carbon enhance the creep and wear resistance to standard PTFE

• Extremely good chemical resistance against virtually all media

• Moderately electrical conductivity

• Good sliding properties

• Creep resistance

• Anti-static


• Pump and instrument construction

• Food and medical technology

• Chemical engineering parts

• Electrical industry

• Pump housings

• Shaft bearings

• Valve seats

Data sheet


Test Method


Specific Gravity

ASTM D 4894


Tensile Strength

ASTM D 4894

12-18 mpa


ASTM D 4894


Shore D Hardness

BS EN 13000-2


Temperature Range


-200 oC - 260 oC



15% carbon powder+PTFE

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